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PAANEX, as an export house, came into existence in the year 1976, with the support, guidance and experience of Late Mr Dwarka Prasad Arora. Our Company was one of the first exporters of commodities like betel leaf and broom sticks to countries like Pakistan. Initial exports to Pakistan was done by train (Samjhauta Express) and then gradually we became pioneers in export to gulf countries as well.

The company began with the export of commodities like betel leaf and broom sticks and gradually exported cutch block, ginger, tamarind and isabgol (Psyllium Husk) to middle east countries. Gradually the company manufactured as well as did merchandize export of Kattha, Lime Powder, Cardamom, Isabgol and Betel Nuts. Presently the company is vender with leading Pan Masala and Tobacco manufacturing houses India.

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We supply, Betel Leaf, Broom Stick, Cutch Block, Isabgol, Kattha, Lime Powder, Cardamom to big pan masala companies


Kattha is obtained by crystallization in cold from the water extractives of the heartwood of Acacia Catechu


Acacia Catechu (Cutch Block and Powder) Is an extract of acacia trees used variously as a food additive,


Betel leaf (Piper betle L.), locally known as Paan, is a masticatory having important socio-cultural and


Cardamom is used for two herbs related to ginger. Their seeds are used as a spice.The two species are named


Areca is a plant. The nut is used to make medicine. Areca nut is chewed alone or in the form of quid’s, a mixture


BROOM STICK (H.S. Code-96031000):


LIME POWDER (H.S. Code-25221000):


Psyllium seeds, Psyllium is a soluble fiber derived from the seeds of Plantago ovata, an herb mainly grown in India.

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