BETEL LEAF(H. S. Code- 14049040): Betel leaf (Piper betle L.), locally known as Paan, is a masticatory having important socio-cultural and ceremonial uses in South and Southeast Asia, significant medicinal properties and nutritional values. The vine is native to Southeast Asia including Bangladesh which is thought to be one of the cradles of earliest agriculture. The betel leaf plant is an evergreen and perennial creeper, with glossy heart-shaped leaves and white catkin. It is a native of central and eastern Malaysia, which spread at a very early date throughout tropical Asia and later to Madagascar and East Africa.

Betel leaf a kind of pepper used in wrapping the pellets of betel nut and lime, is commonly chewed in the orient. Betel leaf is an important cash crop in our country and is considered to be one of the ingredients for social entertainment. It has also a sharp taste and good smell, improves taste and appetite, tonic to the brain heart, liver, strengthens the teeth and clears the throat.